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On March 16th, Canton Middle School students were able to experience another opportunity to help direct them with their career-making decisions. Counselor Mrs. German and PE teacher Mrs. Coward were able to take a selected group of students who are interested in a possible teaching career to WCU’s Annual Conference for College Access and Teacher Recruitment Initiatives. Students were offered the chance to attend this conference based on an essay each had written on why they wanted to be a teacher.  One student wrote that teachers had been the most consistent people in her life and she wanted to teach to pay this experience forward to others.  At WCU, students began the day in the auditorium by observing science experiments with chemicals and the dramatic way they can react together.  Afterwards, students divided into three different classes: math, science, and music. Math strategies involved statistics and probability formulas with the March Madness bracket. The Science class made terrariums and recognized the important process of the cycling of water.  Music class had a demonstration of guitar and banjo to show beats and tempo and how it can be incorporated into all subjects. Students also experienced lunch in a college dining hall and at the end of the day received complimentary WCU gear. Being around the university and intermingled with college students inspired CMS students to look forward to their own future and college life.


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