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Seventh Grade Language Arts classes are studying historical fiction at Canton Middle and have been reading the novel: Remembering Manzanar.  To further enhance the curriculum, Jesse Ross, a senior at Queens University in Charlotte, was invited to speak on internment camps.  As a history major, Jesse has a particular interest in internment camps and intends to visit one in Australia as soon as the semester is over.  He was a wealth of knowledge on the subject and pointed out to the students the various locations of those within the U.S. during WW2.  With slides and a video documentary, he explained many of the reasons for these camps and how they compare/differ with concentration camps that the Nazi’s operated.  Students also watched a recording of Miep Gies, one of the citizens who helped to hide Anne Frank and her family.  Language Arts classes will follow up with students constructing a digital scrapbook on what they’ve learned.


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